Styng 253, is a contemporary Italian artist, born and raised in Milan, who found in the Hip Hop Culture the academy of his stylistic expression.

Since the early 90’s, he binds himself in a visceral way to the graffiti movement, evolving his painting and his technique, refining and varying his point of view through new personal approaches and materials.

Not the simple transposition of the wall to the canvas, now a classic phenomenon of the urban art movement, but an evolution of the letter wich becomes abstract form, geometry, in a inextricable perception, realized without ever betraying the movement from which he comes from and the “wild-style” temperament of his works.

The artist today becomes more reflective, away (but not too much!) from the artworks on the walls, destroying them in order to build up new creations with a new energy without “fixing” them in only one place-time-space.

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